Get a grip of the prevalence

The prevalence (the number of cases of a disease in a population) of Dupuytren's disease is estimated to be between 3 to 6% among Caucasians, with a higher incidence in patients of Northern European descent.1

More common in men

Dupuytren's disease is more common in men than in woman (5-15 times), and tends to be more severe.2

When trying to figure out whether someone might get Dupuytren's disease, family history is an important factor. Almost 70% of people who develop Dupuytren's disease have a family history of the condition.3 Despite on-going research, the exact cause of the disease in unknown.

Dupuytren's is not life-threatening, but can be life-limiting. It often inferfers with everyday tasks that many of us usually take for granted: driving, face washing, buttoning shirts and even shaking hands.2,4




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