Hear the stories of patients

If you have Dupuytren’s disease it’s not unusual to feel that your finger is constantly in the way. Everyday tasks such as driving a car, washing or shaving, tie a tie, button a shirt – even social gestures as shaking hands – might become a struggle. In the videos below you can hear five Dupuytren's patients talk about just that, their day-to-day experience with bent fingers.1,2

Bonnie noticed the first symptoms of Dupuytren’s disease when she was 18, but it wasn’t until age 32 that she went to see her GP to seek help for her finger.

John, the piano player, noticed signs of a contracture when he was 14, in his little finger. When he reached age 18 his little finger was so curved that it couldn’t be used to play the piano anymore.

"Bertil" experienced the first symptom of Dupuytren's disease in the late 80's. Hear him talk about the everyday problems caused by having a bent finger.

"Magnus's" work requires him to meet and greet with a lot of people, which becomes difficult when you suffer from Dupuytren's disease.

"Charles" is experiencing a worsening of the contracture over time, but has gotten used to it. Although, it is annoying when you can't grip things the way you want and get dressed in a desirable manner.


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